Autumn Fairy






Only the quinces are from our own garden, our vegetable harvest this year consisted of 5 dozen zucchini, two punnets of small tomatoes and a bit of silverbeet. Not much to write home about. But after two summers of disastrous vegetable gardens we now know the culprit : the local tap water is very high in salt. I only discovered this accidentally when an empty sheep water trough had a crusty white layer on the bottom. No wonder there exists an elaborate rain watering system in the back, but we grew our veggies in the front, which is ok in winter, but salt water stunts the plants in summer. Our snake beans were supposed to grow to 2 metres, but are barely half a metre high, pumpkin did not fruit and the capsicums ran too late to produce much either. Many of our seedlings simply died. Looks like the local water supply is only useful for  washing…005.JPG

Goodbye David Bowie – Pagan


For some reason he was never  consciously on my A list, but in the Eighties his presence and his music certainly  affected me, if only peripherally . Only now do I fully  comprehend his genius  and his  enormous influence on popular music .

His two last major songs (Black Star and Lazarus) are truly out of this world.

This article gives and insight into his occult leanings