Bohemian Grove in California is where the so-called ultra elite of corporate CEO’s and politicians meets to perform pseudo -pagan rituals, worshipping a giant stone owl.

Bohemian Glade is a counter-cultural response to the criminal  hijacking of our planet by corporate and banking thieves, corrupt politicians, medieval old money groups etc.

There are many ways in which counter-cultural ideas can be expressed : protest music , art , alternative spirituality , writing articles, contributing to activist groups like the occupy movement and even, going one step further, slowly dropping out of corporate society by at least partially refusing to participate in it. Making stuff yourself instead of buying cheaply made crap, growing your own food and even dumpster diving to reduce waste and funnel less money into big corporations and franchises. Refusing to get a job you don’t really want to do.
It is not necessary to drop out o society completely to effect change, small acts of resistance and rebellion add up.

Why do I feel the world needs to change? I believe many people (if not most) are missing out on even basic human rights laid down in the universal declaration of human rights. From economic exploitation to unjustified wars, the list of human rights abuses is more than a mile long.

And what about the planet? We have taken less than one hundred years to use up oil resources created in millions of years. Not to mention any of the myriad of local environmental problems human habitation has created. It comes down to greed. At one point some of our  species decided that greed is good and we should aim for as much personal wealth as possible and fuck everybody and everything else. But ultimately, this is the road to complete planetary destruction, a “highway to hell”  when what we really want is to climb a “stairway to heaven”.

On the spiritual side, I lean towards Neo-pagan practice, although in terms of religion I lean closely to Eastern spirituality, especially the Vedanta.: I do not speculate much about the existence of a creator , instead I believe in the magic of the earth, the moon and the stars and the space that surrounds them. To me pagan gods, or any gods, are not persons, but representations of universal natural forces or human emotions and always take second place to direct human, animal and plant interaction, hence my interest in the global Occupy movement.


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  1. Thanks for showing interest in what I put out. I sincerely hope you
    continue to find my works entertaining & pleasurable. Please invite
    others too. Be safe, be fair, be good.

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