Aujourd’hui La France, Demain Tout Le Monde

Aujourd’hui La France, Demain Tout Le Monde

7 years after Occupy, a new anti-elites protest movement is emerging. Unlike Occupy, this one promises not to be peaceful and non-violent.

Rather than a political system it is an immune system reaction by ordinary people. The yellow vests are like white blood corpuscles creating the yellow pus rising to the surface of a festering wound. It is unlikely to stop in France, or Europe, for that matter.

The outcome? Amputation (of the head, in some cases) The first one to roll, of course, will be Macron’s. Theresa May is next and then Angela Merkel. But these are just the puppets.

The Occupy movement started the conversation and asked the questions. Who or what is behind the enslavement of the majority of the world’s population. There are many answers to this question, some seem to stick more than others : corporate and  banking elites (our feudal overlords), unfettered immigration from third world countries, cultural marxism, religious dogma . The enforcers of lies are ignorant, power hungry and corrupt politicians.

Let the revolution begin. Nobody wins, unless everybody wins.

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