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Spring has finally arrived with temperatures now in the high twenties and this morning we didn’t have to make a fire for the first time since May. I have shockingly neglected this blog due to the weather, which made everything harder , various craft activities  and the American presidential race which was truly  nail biter for the past 6 months at least.

Various attempts at meeting others for Ostara and Beltane rituals failed due to illness  and the weather, but we celebrated spring by attending the Baroque Horse festival at Kryal Castle.

Here we are now drowning in grass and our heard of 23 sheep and 3 goats is barely making a dent.  Under normal circumstances 15 animals would be enough. A few sessions with the whipper snipper have forged some paths in the garden, but there is no way to get it all done right now.

Have begun preparations for the veggie garden, as the nights are finally getting above 10 degrees and the seedlings have outgrown their containers and are impatiently waiting to be planted.



The Taoist View of the Universe – Alan Watts


There is no light without darkness.

Creative by Nature

“Taoists view the universe as the same as, or inseparable from, themselves so that Lao-tzu could say, “Without leaving my house, I know the whole universe.” This implies that the art of life is more like navigation than warfare, for what is important is to understand the winds, the tides, the currents, the seasons, and the principles of growth and decay, so that one’s actions may use them and not fight them.” ~Alan Watts

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“At the very roots of Chinese thinking and feeling there lies the principle of polarity, which is not to be confused with the ideas of opposition or conflict. In the metaphors of other cultures, light is at war with darkness, life with death, good with evil, and the positive with the negative, and thus an idealism to cultivate the former and be rid of the latter flourishes throughout much of the world.

To the traditional way of Chinese…

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