Bye Bye Goats


Due to bad external fencing and an angry neighbour I had to say goodbye to 6 of my 9 goats this week. While the goats only ever got into the road for short periods and hardly ever went to angry neighbours driveway he lost it a few weeks ago when some of them allegedly ate some newly planted flax from his nature strip. He then proceeded to call the ranger who was much more understanding of our predicament and did not have a problem with the goats getting out for brief periods (they usually used the road as a shortcut to move from one part of our property to another.

the ranger told us just to keep an eye on the goats. Fixing the front fence is not really much of an option, as the goats can also get out through bad share fences which other idiot neighbours refuse to fix and then end up in the road anyway. It would take a dispute and probably a court date with our Italian neighbours, as their property surrounds us on three sides. Angry neighbour who used to be our friend knows this, but proceeded to take pictures every time the goats got out. He then also made complaints about the ranger to his superiors. He also left abusive messages .

If angry neighbour had just listened to us instead of screaming we would have told him weeks ago that we were already planning to sell most of the goats, as even new fences would not keep some of  them in if they were only standard height. We had been holding off because there was a drought until April and planned to sell in  August at the height of the weed and grass season when people are desperate for stock. Not to make money but to ensure a quick sale.

In the meantime angry neighbour erected an electric fence on his nature strip, which was promptly pushed down during the night by  some other neighbour’s escaping cows or kangaroos (but of course he blamed our goats who were in the stable at the time) We rang up the council to complain, as he is not allowed to claim nature strip and erect a fence on it, so the next day he had to remove it.




The ranger in the end told angry neighbour that he would fine him if he did not register his dogs pronto. He also encouraged me to take pictures of angry neighbour’s dogs in the road, because angry neighbour is a psycho hypocrite whose stock we repeatedly returned to his property but of course we had no proof.

On Monday night angry neighbour whose name is Tim Gordyn trespassed onto our property trying to terrorise us and we had to call police. They didn’t turn up until 4 hours later and could not do anything since all he had done was trying to sneak in and open the front door, not realizing there was someone still up at midnight.

Fun and games. I kept my lovely Daenerys and Jon Snow and Gilly the cheeky bugger and they have already proven more manageable. We also met a nice guy from Clunes  who bought two of our yearling ewes and plans to get two more.

The rest of the goats were picked up in a luxury horse float on Thursday.

Bye Bye to my lovely Drogo and Sam and 4 other goats.


Drogo, the big boss leader.


Sam, Drogo’s best buddy and the loveliest of them all, such a gentle soul


Th royal couple, Jon Snow and Daenerys. They got to stay as they are not fence jumpers.


Silly Gilly  my favourite , a human in a goat body.






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