Crocodile Scarf


Cult of Crochet

The Crocodile scarf is finished! When I showed it to a crochet friend she said it was an adorable scarf for a child… “yes” I replied, “…a child…. yes…. that’s right…. that’s who it’s for…”

I shall have to remember not to wear it when I’m meeting her – she already thinks I’m odd for crocheting toadstools. She’s right though it would look very cute on a kid.

The detailed instructions and photo tutorial for how to complete the crocodile stitch and start the scarf at the tail can be found in my earlier post: Crocodile Scarf Tail. Check that out then follow the link at the end to come back here and finish off the head.

As a recap here are the general instructions for the tail (for detailed step by step instructions follow the link above)

I am using bamboo ribbon yarn that I’m not sure of the weight of and…

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