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New Arrivals


Exiting news, twin lambs were born on 26th August. They are both coffee coloured and white so we’ve named them Cino and Latte. Like last time mum did all the work during the night without our knowledge and we found the lambs the next day. Both lamb mums are the older ewes that came from a different flock , so we are not sure whether to expect more lambs this season. Hopefully the newborns are girls, because Lambie who was born in June is a boy and already very tall for his young age . The plan is for all the lambs to go to our neighbours ( In about 3-5 months) who need a mowing crew.

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Crocodile Scarf


Cult of Crochet

The Crocodile scarf is finished! When I showed it to a crochet friend she said it was an adorable scarf for a child… “yes” I replied, “…a child…. yes…. that’s right…. that’s who it’s for…”

I shall have to remember not to wear it when I’m meeting her – she already thinks I’m odd for crocheting toadstools. She’s right though it would look very cute on a kid.

The detailed instructions and photo tutorial for how to complete the crocodile stitch and start the scarf at the tail can be found in my earlier post: Crocodile Scarf Tail. Check that out then follow the link at the end to come back here and finish off the head.

As a recap here are the general instructions for the tail (for detailed step by step instructions follow the link above)

I am using bamboo ribbon yarn that I’m not sure of the weight of and…

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