The Australian Law of Growing Tobacco Plants


Bolton Smokers Club

UPDATE 25th March 2014.

I have noticed that lots of people from Australia have been looking at this post. I hope that they find it informative! Also, it seems that quite a lot of people from New Zealand have been looking. I should observe that, unless the law in New Zealand has changed recently, people there can grow several kilos of tobacco for their own use. That is not the case in Australia, as outlined below.

Many Ausies may have read about the recent seizure of thousands of tobacco plants. I have been amused by this, although it will not have amused Ausies who might want to grow their own.

I’m going to publish a pic of one aspect of the seizure:

aus seizure 2

The main thing about the pic which I want to draw attention to is the obvious fact that the growers covered the whole plantation! Look at the section…

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