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It’s A Girl!


How wonderful!

Howling For Justice

wolf in woods kewl

It’s confirmed!  Move over OR7, another wolf is upstaging you. There’s a Northern Rockies female wolf roaming the Grand Canyon, the first wolf to do so since the 1940’s. She traveled 450 miles or more to get there.  Boy am I ever glad she escaped the wolf hell in Idaho and Montana. We don’t really  know which wolf population she’s from in the Rockies, because her collar is dead. But who cares, she made it. They can’t catch her (good, she’s wolf wary) and have suspended the search due to cold weather. They only identified her through her scat. The Grand Canyon is so vast and rugged, it’s one of the best places in all of America for a wolf, plenty of mule deer for her! What wonderful news to start the day.

Stay safe  beautiful girl. Maybe you’re traveling with a friend we haven’t seen, one can only hope!

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Rolling Stones In NZ


My friend Nina backstage at the Rolling Stones concert in NZ. And I didn’t even score a ticket here (Not that it would have helped as the Hanging Rock concert was cancelled)
So jealous that i will probably never forgive her …Just kidding


Kitten X


My baby was born on November 1st, I haven’t seen her yet in the flesh, as she was born in Morwell. Or he, we don’t know the sex yet…or the name. She or he will report for mousing duty at the end of January!


Kitten X turned out to be a boy who we named Shadow. He came with a bonus tabby sister called Tiger.





The Spintiller is an unusual looking cultivating tool invented in New Zealand in the 1970s. It is a labour saving device that pulls out weeds while loosening the soil. Sadly they are not made anymore, but we managed to find one in the local junkshop, it needed just a little lubrication with CRC , a new handle, and voila…