Community Garden


Working together with the Brunswick Community garden in Melbourne which will be growing food for the Free Kitchen in City Square, we worked hard to weed a large patch in our Veggie Garden which we will plant with the Native American “Three Sisters” Corn, Beans and Pumpkin.
We are also growing potatoes for the Free Kitchen

It took the three of us 2 hours to clear a patch of about 12 square metres. We started at 9am and by 10.30 the sun was burning down quite strongly. Now onto fertilizing with straw and goat manure before the planting of the corn in about a week or so,once the corn stalks are about the height of a hand, we will be planting beans and pumpkin and adding a fourth sister: sunflowers.

The corn will provide the stalks for the beans to grow on, the beans will shade the pumpkin vine and the pumpkin will prevent water from evaporating while the spiky leaves will turn away insects.

At the end of the season we will dig in all the leftovers into the soil, providing nutrients for next year.

Sounds like a plan, lets see whether it actually works.


finsihed garden om space vietnam weeds weeds2


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