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Happy Beltaine !



Camera Trouble , New Additions and the Great Chicken Shuffle


The camera is fine, but the charger plug appears to broken, so no more photos until it’s fixed.

Still, life on the farm has not been without excitement.  The chickens stopped laying a few weeks ago, then one went broody and spends the day sitting on an empty nest, only getting up occasionally for food and water. Then, two nights ago, one chicken disappeared. We already thought that the fox got her, but she turned up the next day, unharmed. We checked the barn where  the goats sleep  and found 8 eggs in an old cow-feeder, laid by the two anconas who haven’t gone broody. Then we found Rhodie No. 2 sitting in an old rabbit cage, also broody. mystery solved. Unfortunately i haven’t got a rooster yet, so the Rhodie’s efforts are in vain.

The goats are happy and playful and very interactive, pretty much dogs that don’t bark.

The weekend saw a delivery of 5 more Dorper sheep, amongst them a cute black ram, only 14 weeks old. It’s lovely to see how  protective the slightly older ewes are of him. Looking forward to breeding Dorper Sheep when BLacky is ready !

The Veggie Garden is coming along, I’ve already harvested broad beans and planted some potatoes and Zuccini. Stuffed my shoulder from all the weeding, but more to come. The local Nursery man reckons there is still danger of frost until Cup Day. Even though the days are quite warm now, the nights can still get cold, so holding off on the tomatoes and pumpkin for a few weeks.