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Khal Drogo munching happily on Lucerne


I admit it, I named my kids after “Game Of Thrones” characters…




New Additions


Two more goat girls (Gilly and Ygritte) and three Dorper self -shearing sheep have arrived . The goats integrated into what is now effectively a small herd straight away, but the sheep are a bit different, slow moving and keep their distance while the goats follow us around like dogs.

Gilly and Ygritte sheep



Widespread snow and frost in Victoria caused by global warming? No, it’s called winter and August is traditionally the coldest time, even though it varies from year to year. Here the chickens are carefully jumping over the frozen grass and trying-  for the first time- hot porridge. Their drinking water was frozen last night.

No snow where we are because fo the low elevation – not much wind either and the sun is getting stronger, which makes the daytime feel quite balmy despite only reaching 11  or 12 degrees (celsius). But it looks like we just had our coldest night of the year, reaching down to  almost -4.



This lucky shot of two kangaroos caught out in the snow was taken by Christie Panozzo .
It was taken at Federation University in Ballarat two days ago.