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Crochet Curtain Inspiration


My latest project will look something like this, only the window I’m making it for (kitchen) is a bit bigger ! I need about 200 squares and I’ve got 10 so far!. Taking into account crochet RSI it will probably take me a year to complete…




The Great Goat Escape And First Eggs!


A few days ago the goats were nowhere to be found , just one day before their 4 week anniversary here! Turns out that they had escaped through some holes in the fence to the neighbour’ 100 acre property. After much exhaustion and hilarity we managed to bring them back to safety .


The neighbours, two generations of an Italian migrant family , have lived here since the early Eighties and had lots of good advice on how to deal with goats and train them to follow. They also supplied us with a variety of painkillers for our ailments brought on by too much hard work!

Then I found the first egg in the coop, only to be surprised by a nest of 5 eggs that was hidden in another part of the coop behind some boards. One of the Ancona  chickens has started laying beautiful white- shelled eggs with flourescent yellow yolks.

Minus 3 here this morning, the fires are raoring, but spring can’t come soon enough!

The Culprits!!

The Culprits!!

Melbourne Wintervalk 2014