Winter Solstice is fast approaching…


The days are getting shorter and colder in country Victoria, overnight temperatures as low as 1 degree celsius and while Yule is still a few weeks away it feels like it’s already happening :The trees have lost their leaves and there is frost on the grass. Winter bulbs are starting to flower, as well as some daisies and roses. I pulled out the cherry tomato plant in the poly tunnel, which still had a lot of fruit on it. There are nettles in many places and we have been eating nettle pasta and nettle dip, as well as harvesting self -seeded silver beet and lettuce.

It was my intention not to plant any crops this autumn, but to see what emerges, as I knew that the veggie garden was inspired by permaculture.I can see beetroot and carrots, broadbeans, asparagus. And more nettles. And a tree mallow invasion, which is going to be interesting, as they grow to about 1.5 metres or more.

The grass is growing at an alarming speed in some places, but so far the only grazing animals we have been able to come up with are four scared young chickens and a mob of about 50 kangaroos who live locally near the state forest. Not sure why it’s so hard to find animals to buy…but I’m sure we will come up with something soon, hopefully goats! there was a who trailer full of goats at the local market the week before we moved in,wish I had them now.

Anyway, Yule inspiration has suddenly hit me, it all started with the mulled cider I had yesterday…I wonder where those decorations went…

a julia jeffrey yule card


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