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Winter Solstice – Special Arrival


At Bohemian Glade this year Winter Solstice will be celebrated with the arrival of our own horned gods (goats) on Sunday morning. But the feast will be theirs, not ours, as paddocks overgrown with grass and weeds await the seven young additions to the growing family.

“The Horned God is is the lord of life, death and the underworld. And is the Sun to the Goddess’ Moon. He alternates with the Goddess in ruling over the fertility cycle of birth, death and rebirth. He is born at the winter solstice, unites with the Goddess in marriage at Beltaine, and dies at the summer solstice to bring fertility to the land as the Sacred King.”

(Thanks fellow blogger “Through A Jungian Lens”)

Why Conspiracy Theories are Like Religion


People crave myth. Those of us who have incorporated mythology into our lives do not need wacky conspiracy theories. All we need to do is watch “Game of Thrones”.

Debatable World

… just without the excuse of centuries of brainwashing

moon landingLet me start by saying that I am quite certain that the government (any government) probably does not disclose everything it should. I am also quite certain that there have been some pretty major cover-ups over the years. That being said, I am sick and tired of the growing wave of conspiracy theories, passed on by self-righteous and self-proclaimed bringers of truth who claim that the public is never told the truth – except when they say it.

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Market Day


Today’s spoils from the local Farmers market:Quince jelly, Dutch cinnamon waffles, “Bliss” balls made from fruit nut and herbs, powdered Chai (delicious), locally grown lamb, handmade olive oil soap with essential oils and a bag of Himalayan Basmati sold to me by a local Indian chef who sells horse blankets for a living and got me to sign up for his cooking classes!

Regrets: The chickens were stunning this time, but not sure I’m ready to add any at this stage. Some beautiful Silkies! The black piglets were so cute too.

But this retro cooking set was the bargain of the day. Heavy bottomed and hardly used, it cost $6. Needless to say, I could not leave it there…It’s missing a lid, but my glass lids actually fit, so all good. What a morning!

orange pots