Springsteen “Bootlegs” Himself

Springsteen  “Bootlegs” Himself

The most bootlegged artist in the history of Rock is finally releasing his own “bootlegs” ! After a few technical difficulties I was finally able to download last Saturday’s Springsteen concert in Melbourne from the official website. For a reasonable cost (AU$11 for an MP3, AU$14 for a FLAC) you can download  the whole concert  as a good quality recording .All concerts since the South Africa tour are available. You are allowed to download three times, covering the PC, the laptop and the iphone, but you can of course make endless USB/CD copies.

Originally there was a bit of a controversy, with $40 wristbands being offered as the downloading tool. I missed all that, but am glad they decided to put their prices in line with what other acts are charging for downloads. It’s almost as if they didn’t understand the new technology. Yes, in the past you would have paid that sort of money for a 3 hour live album, but those days are long gone. If they had stuck with the high price, they would have sold less and created a huge pirating industry, the very thing they should be trying to avoid.

I guess  ,even now, only the die hards will pay for this, as all this will surely end up on Pirate Bay / Kickasstorrents in no time. ( I already own a pirate copy of one of the Perth concerts)  However, the creators of the  product will get the initial cut, as very few self respecting fans will wait for the pirated uploads of the concerts they attended ; and then, afterwards, unlike original bootlegging, no-one will make any money. In addition , the quality is far superior to the fan  recorded audios that are floating around on YOUtube.

I obtained the MP3 , because it is easier to use, but the flac quality is supposedly better. Because the audios are released within days of the concert, this is a rough product compared with DVD or Blu-ray live releases, as there are no overdubs or edits, however it works well as a souvenir .

To all the big shot corporations who whinge about how piracy creates loss of income : This is how you do it! I know he is not the first artist to do this, but he is one of the most sought after live performers in the world and it was about time!

PS: That is all very nice, but the concert on the 16th at AAMI park is unavailable for some reason. I suspect it’s destined for DVD release, as it had an epic setlist, two long stories and Born To Run played in full. It felt different to other Springsteen concerts.


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