Bruce , Melbourne 2014 , Part 2- Full Moon Over Jungleland 3hrs:48


So, I ‘ve glanced at a few early comments and reviews with people claiming that Bruce was tired or flat last night, but by his own admission he had a few drinks before the show which put him in a mellow, storytelling mode. It ended up being a great concert in it’s own way. Plus the sound was excellent, a vast improvemnt from Saturday night. it turns out that this will be the only concert in the current tour not being avaiable for download, which is hugely dissappointing.

If anything, the audience was a bit flat, with people in the stands barely getting up in the first few hours a. Front GA was 25% empty and the atmosphere could have been improved by letting people from the front lower stands in, no reason why not, as they paid the same amount of money and plenty of GA people were constantly leaving to get beer, especially during the slower/ lesser known songs. What is wrong with people?? Nazis and idiots , a toxic combination ! The bored look on the security guards faces was very telling. This is why the world is the way it is , because of dickheads not paying attention

Watching Bruce sitting down on the stage twice last night and introducing two of his classic oldies with long stories from his childhood was a special treat, something I’d never witnessed before live, as he did a lot of onstage storytelling in the 70ties, presumably before he had so much song material that he had to cut the stories short. But it was the storytelling that set him apart from other rock performers in those years and helped forge the special connection he has with his audience.


The set list last night was absolutely brilliant, with only a few songs repeated from the night before (good opportunities for a toilet break for me, as most people went during the ballads instead!)

The highlight for me was Lucky Town (a favourite of mine and totally underrated 90ties song) but most people just had a bored look on their faces when he played it ,

He played the Born To Run album in it’s entirety and that set a different tone for the night. Whereas Saturday night’s Born in The USA is a high energy party album, Born To Run is musically more complex and intricate. When he played the last track of the album, the mini-opera Jungleland, the full moon rose over the stadium and the audience was spellbound. It was the defining musical moment of the night.

In the end Bruce was given a curfew but he suggested that it should be ignored and people could just hitch-hike home if they missed the last train ! He just kept on playing, the concert was almost 4 hours long!. I did something I had never done before and left during the last encore in order to get out ahead of the crowd. I knew I would be able to hear the music outside the stadium and it actually felt right to walk outside accompanied by Bruce playing the last beautiful notes on the harmonica.

Will I ever see him play live again? He has hinted at a new acoustic album and as far as I’m concerned he has a long career as a folk singer and storyteller in front of him, so I will probably see him again in some fashion, but I doubt it’s going to be with a full band line-up, that’s well and truly out of my system now.

Not that I love him any less, but the truth is, I saw him play in 1985 and there really wasn’t much room for improvement even then, let alone almost 30 years later. I’ve seen him 3 times within less than a year. All three concerts were very different in both songlist and mood, but similar in their (extremely high) quality. I don’t get how people want to see him hundreds of times. What could they possibly hope to find? The search is over, Bruce has kept his promises and then some. For me to see another concert would just be icing on the icing of the cake.

set list

1. Born in the U.S.A.
2. Badlands
3. Lucky Town (tour premiere)
4. Roulette (tour premiere)
5. Growin’ Up (tour premiere with an extended story in the mid section)
6. Wrecking Ball
7. Death to My Hometown
8. High Hopes
9. Just Like Fire Would
10. Lost in the Flood (tour premiere, sign request)
11. Spirit in the Night

Born to Run full album:
12. Thunder Road
13. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
14. Night
15. Backstreets (w/ Sad Eyes interlude)
16. Born to Run
17. She’s the One
18. Meeting Across the River (tour premiere)
19. Jungleland

20. Heaven’s Wall
21. Waitin’ On a Sunny Day
22. The Rising
23. The Ghost of Tom Joad
24. Land of Hope and Dreams

25. We Are Alive
26. Ramrod
27. Bobby Jean
28. Dancing in the Dark
29. Twist & Shout
30. This Hard Land (solo acoustic)


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