Keith Richards’ Bangers & Mash


One of my favorite recipes from the man himself!

No Whisk, No Reward

By now, you know that I love food, cooking and traveling, but one thing you might not know is that I love music, too.  Big time.  (I play fiddle with the Bob Dylan group at Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music and my head almost pops off every Saturday at how much it is.)  And I’m a Stones fan.   So when Keith Richards’ autobiography, “Life,” came out in late October, I ordered it immediately.  It’s a fantastic book, through and through.

And while we all know that Keith can play the guitar and do drugs like nobody’s business (tho he’s been clean for 30 years now), who knew he could cook?  Yes!  And he can cook more than a spoonful of smack, too!  On page 525, Keith shares his recipe for Bangers & Mash, and I just have to share it here, because it’s freaking hilarious:

Well, what’s a…

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