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Happy New Year from River Cottage Australia


Happy New year from Paul and Digger, how sweet. Can’t wait for the second instalment. I wonder whether Hugh will turn up again. This season is filmed over summer, so he can experience some proper Australian heat , that should be fun.

river cottage


Jabuticaba : the tree that grows fruit on it’s trunk


I found out about this accidentally the other day and was utterly fascinated. Native to Brazil, they taste like grapes, apparently, but you have to travel there to find out, as the fruit ferments so quickly that it can’t be transported outside it’s growing region. You can make wine from it too.


Check out the link below for more pictures and information.




Yesterday, on the 2nd anniversary of the Occupy Melbourne Tent monster parade, (which was the culmination of the two month full time occupation),Occupy Melbourne Free Kitchen gave birth to a new kind of tent: the all purpose, all weather ,completely portable geodesic dome. Obviously geodesic domes have been around for a while, the difference with this one is , that it can be dismantled by three people in less than 5 minutes and is lightweight enough to be carried by one or two people. Totally appropriate for an occupation that was on the run from council and police for two months straight. Of course we don’t have that problem now, as we don’t stay overnight anymore (although who knows what can happen in the future!) However, it is a very convenient thing indeed. We are still working on an appropriate cover, but a lightweight tarp can be thrown over it…

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