Alan Watts, “The Nature of Consciousness,” and the Myths of Western Civilization.


shaman sun

The Western image of ourselves:

“You are a fluke, you are a separate event, and you run from the maternity world to the crematorium and that’s it, baby. That’s it. Now why does anybody think that way? There’s no reason to,because it isn’t even scientific. It’s just a myth, and it’s invented by people who wanted to feel a certain way, play a certain game.”

This whole idea, that the universe is just nothing at all but unintelligent force, playing around, not even enjoying it, is a put-down theory of the world. People who had an advantage to make, a game to play by putting it down, and making it out that because they put the world down they were a superior people. That just won’t do, because if you seriously go along with this idea of the world, you’re what is technically called alienated. You feel hostile to…

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