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On Conspiracism


What Snowden and Manning don’t understand about secrecy


A more balanced view perhaps? I like this quote :”nowden may have found a way to punish himself worse. He has turned himself into an enduring symbol of idiocy by fleeing the oppressive grip of Barack Obama for the open arms of that great civil libertarian, Vladimir Putin. “

Islamic War On Witchcraft in Saudi Arabia

Islamic War On Witchcraft in Saudi Arabia

In a scenario  reminiscent of our own  witch-hunts, foreign domestic workers are being accused of practising  witchcraft when they ask for better pay or conditions. How do you defend yourself against witchcraft charges?  All it takes is someone who is willing to point the finger. And even if someone does practice magic it should never be considered a crime. Don’t travel to Saudi Arabia, folks.

In the comment section below the article you will find an interesting and heated debate between an atheist who does not believe magic exist and a neo-pagan. I admire the the neo-pagan’s passion, but i prefer an atheist to a religious fundamentalist any day.

Better Than Jesus


“Ancient texts tell us that the famed prophet rose again on Easter Sunday, moved the rock and kept his believers filled with faith until his inevitable return to the promised land.”

Bruce come back!

Top reason why Bruce is the real saviour: You don’t have to wait bloody 2000 years for a second coming! After recently winning an Australian award for best overseas contemporary tour, Bruce and the gang are coming for an encore in February 2014, this time including never played Australian cities like Perth and Adelaide and also New Zealand. Only one question remains…will Patti and Stevie be there ?

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN & THE E STREET BAND win 2013 Helpmann Award for Best International Contemporary Co

The Frontier Touring Company are thrilled to congratulate Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band on winning the 2013 Helpmann Award for ‘Best International Contemporary Concert’.
The award was accepted at last night’s Helpmann Awards in Sydney by the head of Frontier Touring, Michael Gudinski, on behalf of Bruce and the band.
The March 2013 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band tour, promoted by Frontier Touring in association with Jacobsen International, was declared by reviewers and fans alike as the tour of the year, with Bruce and the E Street Band performing three hour plus shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Victoria’s iconic Hanging Rock.
“It is going to be tough for anyone to beat Bruce Springsteen for the Tour Of The Year” – The Daily Telegraph
“Sometimes a show takes the breath out of your lungs and leaves you speechless. In awe. Unsure how to articulate what you just witnessed. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band is one such show.” – Sydney Morning Herald
“This is the legendary E Street Band and nobody can keep up with them. Nobody can come close. Mark my words – they’re the best there is… Bruce Springsteen is the greatest performer I’ve ever seen and if you pass up a chance to see him live; your life will be poorer for it.” – Brisbane Times
“After a ten-year hiatus Bruce Springsteen has returned to Australia to deliver the latest instalment in what really is the greatest rock and roll show on earth… An important artist of his or any generation, Springsteen remains possibly the most vital front man of the modern era. Long may he run.” – The Australian
“They don’t come any bigger than The Boss, Bruce Springsteen last night tore into the start of his first Australian tour in 10 years with a blistering performance before 12,000 fans at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre” – The Courier Mail
“Go to his concerts and you’ll feel it.* It’s the rising.* It’s the exaltation. It’s the gospel truth of the redemptive power of rocknroll screaming through the speakers.” – The Sunday Age
“It was his magic as a showman that captivated every soul on site.* His unfathomable gift for reaching deep into the throng to involve every far-flung fan defied the laws of space, from crash barriers to the near-empty bar on the hills.” – The Age
“One boss, 17,000 fans, 29 songs, 17 band members, 19 “1,2,3,4’ count-ins and countless tallies of runaway American dreams.* Our saviour has risen. Praise be.” – Rip It Up