You are what you art


Correction: In this article it is stated that Carl Scraseinvited the Free Shop, but this is not the case. The Free Shop was part of an adjacent exhibition by students and we were invited by Natasha, any connection to Direct Democracy exhibition was purely coincidental. Or maybe it was synchronicity?



Carl Scrase’s latest attempt to hijack anything worth while remaining from the Occupy Melbourne community resulted in claiming the free shop was art and invited the free shop to be part of an exhibition in the very same gallery he was once again shamelessly promoting himself with his direct democracy scam.

Of course other artists are getting wise to him and we saw this critique of his work on display. Inspired by this critique, I place on my art wank beret and stroke my beard in a sagely fashion.

I think the artist is trying to say he is white, plastic, hollow and overinflated beyond realistic proportions, and full of hot air; while wasting resources and trying to get attention.

Other artists seem to be onto Scrace’s scam, I swear this woman is trolling him. Not the artists actual work just a rough remix I did of her display card…

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