Live a long and happy life like Jeanne Calment


Lots of Exercise, lots of chocolate, olive oil and no more than 2 cigarretes per day. Oh, and it helps to screw your lawyer! This is gold!


Jeanne Calment

Jeanne Calment lived to 122. We thought we’d give you a few of her strategies.

Jeanne lived through both the first and second world wars which were happening on her doorstep in France.

Being a woman helps you avoid some diseases and in the 20th century it was quite socially acceptable for women to not have a job,

in fact there was a whole subculture to embrace wealthy non working women.

Jeanne smoked longer than most non smokers live.

Jeanne signed a contract with her lawyer to sell her house on contingency basis,
which meant the lawyer (and then his widow) was paying her for a house for 32 years,
and paid double the price it was worth.

Sounds like a great life, let’s all go do it!



If you found this article somehow unrelated we’ll explain, we discovered this woman’s interesting life while doing…

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