Proof of attacks on Occupy Melbourne Wikipedia page, attempts to change history and evidence in on-going federal court cases. More importantly the edits were made during the last week of MCC’s 2012 elections. A quick tidy up of MCC’s image just before the election. Anyone who didn’t think Melbourne City Council (MCC) was (and still is) opposed to Occupy Melbourne either has their head in the sand, is plainly lying or delusional.

Note: The edit time is in UTC (GMT), so local time would have been Sunday 21 October 2012, 4:28 PM. Who is in Melbourne City Council on a computer on a Sunday afternoon?

At about that time two separate protests were occurring in relation to Occupy Melbourne’s treatment by Melbourne City Council.

Editing history the one of the tools of the totalitarian fascist. Has anyone read George Orwell’s 1984?

On Wikipedia you either have a username or…

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