Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood)


Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood)
from Antlered Crown and Standing Stone by Damh the Bard

Antlered Crown and Standing Stone – CD

Damh’s brand new studio CD. The first album of Damh the Bard songs since The Cauldron Born this is an eagerly awaited album. It opens with the title track, a typically rousing anthem in honour of the Pagan Horned God of Nature. From there we go into Under a Beltane Sun, a song so catchy you’d need a vaccine not to sing along. A duet with Eala on the retelling of the tragic tale of Branwen in Branwen’s Lament cannot fail to touch the heart. The album finishes with an 8 minute epic retelling of the story of Ceridwen and Taliesin. This album is set to become another classic.

I wrote this song after hearing about the UK Government’s plans to sell of England’s forests. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing! They did a U-Turn on this plan in the end and I thought the song would never be heard, but then I hear that they are thinking of scrapping the MayDay Bank Holiday, and with all of the cuts and problems in the end I just had to record it. An anthem for the British people for we are all the sons and daughters of Robin Hood!
Sons and Daughters (of Robin Hood)
(Damh the Bard)

We all watched you on our TV,
Right honourable gentleman, apparently.
Different voices with only one aim,
To win my vote, and to win the game.
Now some have died to pave the way,
So we can vote come polling day,
X marks the spot that gives us our voice,
But how do we vote when there isn’t a choice.

If you thought that we would do nothing,
You’ve misunderstood!
For we are the Sons and Daughters,
of Robin Hood!

See I remember exclusion zones,
At Solstice time around the Stones,
And the poll tax riots of Trafalgar Square,
The rich they got richer, the poor were stripped bare,
Building new roads with no thought for the land,
And the blood of the Beanfield is still on your hands,
Now drilling of Shetland will do you just fine,
And you wanted to sell of our forests,
Like you closed down mines.

There’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to see here,
There’s nothing to see, won’t you just look away, there’s nothing to see here.

England’s green and pleasant land,
Is not there to put cash in your hands,
I see you symbol is the English Oak Tree,
Is that your idea of irony?
Now millions of eyes have turned upon you,
And each one is watching what you will do,
And all are ready to spoil your game,
For the blood of an outlaw it flows in our veins!
from Antlered Crown and Standing Stone, released 16 November 2012

Robin Hood


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