I am having a bit of a pagan feast today, as I am moving most of my activism-related posts onto the website. The website is a wordpress website, so anyone with a wordpress account can comment on it or apply to become an author.
But now, the festival of Beltane is upon us. Here in Melbourne the mainstream community is trying very hard, with mixed results, to celebrate Halloween. Being an autumn festival, it has never really taken off here, although the shops  and even supermarkets have a selection of witchy and spooky items. Pagans can stock up on their Samhain decorations now, but  is the time to prepare for Beltane, a festival that has much more in common with the Melbourne Spring Racing carnival than with the northern hemisphere Halloween. Beltane is aobut the fertility of spring, warm weather, laughter, getting drunk and silly. This starts building now and comes to a crescendo at Litha (Christmas). No wonder that Christmas in Australia is not the introspective celebration of candles in the dark, but really always a bit crazy, then coming to an abrupt halt, as the heat of summer sees people fleeing to the beaches or the cool, air-conditioned shelter of their homes.
Beltane is traditionally when the fairies and elves return from the other side of the globe to our fair land. They are not that easy for adults to see, but maybe if you indulge in a bit of mead (or something stronger) you might be lucky enough to spot one !
In Wicca, the Horned God and Maiden Goddess  are having a bit of fun at this time of year, resulting in a few extra births the following winter and spring.
Three cheers for Beltane, the second most important festival of the pagan calendar!


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