Spiritual Freedom


A brilliant video about Rudolf Steiner’s “Philosophy of Freedom”

“The Philosophy of Freedom bases the independence of the human being upon the awakening of pure thinking as the origin of freedom and impulse to moral action.
How can we work together in freedom? Can pure thinking be applied to a group?
Taking life’s ordinary concerns as a starting point, group discussion can rise to the level of pure conversation, or rather pure thinking as a group experience that results in group insight, real relationship between person and person, and a powerful impulse to joint activism.
Most of us are so habituated to what has always been done that we find it impossible to conceive of a leaderless society.

In a true anthroposophical community, the leader — if there may be said to be one – are impulses to action arising out of pure conversation that is no longer determined by anything but pure spirit.
If we turn toward thinking in its essence, we find in it the power of love in the depths of its reality.
No leaders or external measures can bring about anthroposophical community building. It has to be called forth from the profoundest depths of each one’s consciousness.”


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