GA, Spokescouncil or Organized Chaos


Sean Bedlam ” I’m a bit concerned that organisation-minded people might be overlooking that OM peeps have been organising themselves just fine without large meetings. We’re doing direct actions and will continue to do more. The Spokes thing needs to happen, but there’s no rush to get it right and certainly not at the expense of direct actions which take a lot of time and energy.

Meetings are fine, they’re a good idea, but I’d prefer a chaotic get together where people talk with whoever they want, over a rules fest that frustrates people and drives them apart.

I believe the cohesion comes through relationships, which are best built in a relaxed way.
Over-organising has been a big problem. People get very ambitious with their planning then crack the shits when they’re plans are ignored. Many if us are very capable people who thrive on just turning up and improvising. We don’t like being told how our actions *should* look.”

Teigan Evans:” I think it’s one of those complimentary things. There’s a certain type of cohesion that comes of having a certain amount of formal structure as well, which i reckon is of value
Personally I want OM to be an at least slightly organised entity, that can present as such in public, and command the recognition that such a thing can – not just a chaotic mob of people running around doing stuff, however cool (although it can also be that, of course)

Sean Bedlam:” Rules don’t create a community, getting that the community is bigger than you sure does.”

Dissolve into CHAOS!!!666!!!!

David Hollis:” We seem to function well without beauracracy.”
9 March at 11:40 ·

I stand with Sean on that one. I found GAs boring, frustrating and ineffective. Maybe they would have worked, if people had actually known each other beforehand, but throwing a hundred or more strangers together in that format led to nothing but problems and conflict. Never went to any of the spokescouncils, but even though they sound more efficient, they are still an artificial structure. Just don’t like like the idea of central planning at the moment (or possibly ever).

At this time spies and infiltrators are the biggest concern when it comes to any actions, so we keep it as simple as possible , no more facebook events, no phone messages,no regular gathering spots. A chain of people who all know each other (or at least one other party) pass on the message and whoever turns up, turns up. Strangely, the turnout is no worse than if we post it on FB, where dozens of people claim they will be coming and only a fraction do. We post something on FB the next day, so people find out about it. This way we have been able to prevent police from blocking our way. Yesterday it took them threee hours to get their act together and ask us to leave – forcibly of course – . Some people are getting quite good at being dragged away without being hurt, using the cops eviction tactics as a way of scoring public relations points. They are playing right into our hands.


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