Libertarians vs. Authoritarians : OM and the Socialist Party


“People who truely understand and aspire towards a free society will never embrace the authoritarian and coersive structures, strategies and tactics of a political hierarchy. Why would they?
It is amazing that people who are into hierarchical power as a means to replacing hierarchical power, rather than defend their methods, choose to claim that all methods are the same.
There are two ways to organize a society.

1. Hierarchically.

2. Collectively.

State socialists, fascists and capitalist choose hierarichal organization. Both as the method of taking power and the method of remaining in power.

Anarchists, individualists, autonomists, liberterians, syndicalists and anarcho-syndicalists choose gobal collective direct action as the method to bring about global collective direct democracy. And we do not need to be in separate competing organizations, we are a global web of people. We can work with almost any one as we wish people to set themselves free and participate. We do not wish to control. Obviously everyone from Marxists to conspiracy theorists are welcome to participate and they do.

To call us a party is to simply not understand the basics. Om is extremely inclusive yet Om is not an air port for the distribution of political party recruitment material. Information does not need to be attached to party recuitment rags.

People who use it as such, show disrespect for their fellow 99ers and merely reveal ulterior motives.

Political Partys kill mass movements. That is not a theory, that is what has been going on. Finally people can see and that is why the vanguardists are running after us, way, way, way, miles behind, back there in the distance . . . oh no wait . . . I thought they disappeared but they just entered a museum . . . cant see them now.” From Occupy Melbourne Moderated Group (Facebook), post by Katrina Moll


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