On Rapists and Veils


Left-wing pseudo-intellectuals, don’t we just love their inconsistencies! This week there was a huge outcry about victim blaming in the rape and murder case of Jill Maegher. Apparently she wore a pair of ultra high heel “stripper” shoes, also commonly referred to as”fuck me” shoes and some people pointed out that this may have contributed to her untimely demise, which led to others claiming the old chestnut that”what you wear has nothing to do with it” Doesn’t it? I mean, apart from the “fuck-me aspect”, maybe a pair of runners or low-heeled boots would have allowed her to run away? Or given the impression that she was sporty and therefore knew her Karate. But as soon as you point out a problem it’s victim blaming.

Those shoes certainly made Jill Maegher quite vulnerable in more ways than one. No-one should rob a house either, but it doesn’t hurt to have a watch-dog! Steel capped boots, girls, to kick those assholes in the nuts! Maybe even steel-capped heels! Of course no-one. not even men, is safe from an unpredictable random attack, but why not minimise the risk?

On the other hand we have all these pseudo-intellectuals defending the imperialist and misogynist “religion” of Islam, where women are hidden beind masses of cloth to avoid arousing men to rape them. So, on one hand, don’t blame the victim, on the other it’s ok to blame the victim a priori because it’s a religion. Both times they are defending exteme positions with no room for what is actually sensible and right. And I will never know what veiling a woman in public has to do with God.

Nonie darwish who is herself a Muslim wrote “Tightly controlled through various religious laws and taboos, Muslim women are left blimd to their natural human rigths…they live and die never knowing of any other options,totally ignorant of the right many women in other societies enjoy and eventake for granted.”


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