Another Occupy Melbourne Declaration


From a post by theprisonerno6.

“Throughout history man has valued his freedom more than anything else, knowing that whilst he is free he has the power to steer his life in a direction of his own choosing. In history man has risen up to any that oppress or deny liberty that is rightfully theirs. These uprisings have resulted in the some of the greatest documents ever written, forever tying the sovereign of the day to be answerable to the people.

In 1215 the Magna Carta was born, it was the death knell for tyranny and it included ‘Article-61’, The Act of Lawfull Rebellion’. Let the reigning Sovereign of this land come forth and redress the excess of power and here the grievances felt by the 25 Barons below, within 40 days. If the Sovereign chooses not to act upon this document then we see it only fit to take your castles, lands, and possessions.

However as time goes by “we the people” fall asleep, into a deep slumber, while criminals in expensive cloth and with silver tongues do great injustice to “we the people”. We all know who is to blame for the injustice done, yet the fact remains if we had never fallen asleep, the injustice would have been impossible.

The incompetence of our politicians combined with the absence of active monarch, has led this country into a perilous situation. Acts, Statutes and Bills have been passed by parliament which are counter to the laws of England, are oppressive to the populace, a menace to society and plainly offensive to God.

To further underline the nature of our current system, our monetary system is designed to fail, leaving the vast majority in financial ruins, as we have seen in Europe and America. It is a system designed to transfer wealth from the average individual to the wealthy, in essence the banking system is the reverse of Robin Hood – steal from the poor to give to the rich.

List to be finalised

1. Formation of treaty with original people

2. Abolition of debt based money system

3. Instituting the common law throughout all courts. All laws must be understood by the common man.

4.We ask that all the people of this land who have grievances, to air them before the situation becomes dire and requires a greater strain upon us to change. We ask only for an open dialogue to discuss our collective future as a people, as a nation, as one humanity.”


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