Wise words from a fellow pagan


I told my American friends, I am a Hindu.

�Who am I?� This is a question being asked by our forefathers, I told my American friends. I am born to a Hindu father and Hindu mother. Therefore, I am a Hindu by birth. But what is Hinduism? Can I make a definition of Hinduism? Hinduism itself is a very complex religion. Or is it really a religion at all?

One can believe in one god and he can be a Hindu. He may believe in Multiple deities and still he can be a Hindu. Further more, one may not believe in god at all, still he can be a Hindu. This is very big chaos. It is unorganized one. There isn�t any institutional support for it�s organization. You can�t compare Hinduism with any of the present leading religions where you have to believe in one concept of god.

But in this chaos there is underlying strength. The strength of respecting all faiths about �The God� and that is the spirit. This spirit is called Hinduism. This allows you to think independently and objectively. This also allows you to develop healthy disrespect to everything that comes to you.

On this background am I a religious? What can I tell to my American friends? I do not go to temple. I do not make any regular rituals. I have learned some of the rituals in my younger days. I still enjoy doing it sometimes just like any poem. I like the feelings behind those rituals. I study them objectively and really enjoy it. But nobody has made any compulsions on me to perform these rituals regularly. Even if I challenge some of these rituals, nobody is going to challenge my Hinduism. http://www.faithfreedom.org/Articles/gen/tolerance_in_polytheism.htm


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