Ali Sina about communism.


“According to this religion (communism), all poor people are good and all rich people are bad; all colored people are oppressed and all Whites are oppressors; all cultures are equally good except the Western culture that is exploitative. And of course morality is relative, and right and wrong must be redefined. These are all dogmas. Like the belief in jinns, these are logical fallacies and hocus-pocus. All these claims can be debunked. All cultures are not the same. How can a culture that subjugates women and castigates minorities be equal to one that promotes equality of rights and freedom of speech? It’s stupid to say all cultures are equal. Cultures evolve and some of them are less evolved. Some cultures are not cultures at all but barbarities. Cultural relativism is a fallacy.” Ali Sina

I have found a lot of that sort of thinking in the occupy movement. I did the political compass test and came out as more left wing /liberitarian than Ghandi, which surprised me a little. Still, having grown up with a totalitarian communist regime as my closest neighbour it explains why I’m a far cry from left wing/authoritarian.I guess Rudolf Steiner was a left wing liberitarian too, since he considered love and freedom the cornerstones of human aspiration. Here is the link to political compass

Obama and Julia Gillard come up as a right wing authoritarian.Yeah, that’s right.

I guess, if I had to choose, I would choose right wing liberitarian over left wing authoritarian, which is why I am a fan of Ali Sina, who I gather has several fatwas out on his head. Good to see that he doesn’t just hate Islam but all totalitarian regimes, it kinda proves that he is legit.


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