Facebook Surveillance


Facebook is an Asio spying tool and you better make sure you never post anything you don’t want them to know. If you are a political or eco-activist or follow some weird-ass religion, you are pretty much filed under terrorist and they can get access to everything, even stuff you labelled private, including all your private messages. This is not a joke, I wish it was. Everything you have ever posted,  including everything you have posted and deleted is forever stored in Ireland and can be retrieved if necessary.

Welcome to the Orwellian state, but they were much cleverer than we ever thought would be possible, because we are volunteering the information. I have known this from the beginning and joined anyway because i thought I had nothing to hide. Now I realize that the beliefs I thought of as innocent would be considered a threat by the powers that be. Anybody who is not completely mainstream/brainwashed is a potential threat now. anybody who is interested in things other than Kardashian/Big Brother/A Current Affair and whoever the current pop bimbo might be, is a threat. Thinking citizens are a threat, because they are beginning to see through the bullshit that the economic/political/religious corporations want them to believe.Lovely.


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