My declaration draft for Occupy Melbourne , December 2011


This draft was something I came up with after discussions and deliberations by a group of people. Not all the ideas and phrases are mine and I will post some of the others later on as well .

Occupy Melbourne was inspired by Occupy Wall Street and stands in solidarity with all the other Occupy movements around the world and the tens of thousands in 300 countries who are occupying public spaces to protest against the greed of a very small elite and the highjacking of our politicians and democracies by corporations and large banks.

Today 1% of the world’s population own about half the world’s wealth. Less than a thousand billionaires own more than the bottom half of the world’s adult population. The system is set up for the rich, not us: “We only work here”.

We believe that nations are no longer run by democratically elected governments, but by the fraudulent financial interests of megarich dynasties .
The world’s resources are being drained because of an ever increasing cycle of spending and debt.

The gap between the 1% and the working classes has increasingly widened over the last 30 years.

We have do not live in a true democracy but a corporate run” kleptocracy”.

Australia may appear to be better off than other western countries, but we are part of a fragile world economy. Mining is what has kept our economy afloat, but the demand for our dirt will fall, as the world teeters on the brink of another great depression.

Aboriginal rights in this country are a disgrace and are literally being undermined. We cannot have a fair and equal society without finally addressing their grievances.

Unemployment may not be that high here, but many people are under- employed and struggle from day to day. House prices are so out of control, they only benefit investors and banks, not the people who need shelter.

We have had enough of being cheated and exploited by a minority of corporate thieves and central bankers who control the world from the top down, being no better than and no different from feudal overlords.

We represent the 99% of people who do not have enormous wealth, but there are billions of us and it is up to us to choose what kind of world we want to live in.
Occupy Melbourne protesters have struggled against the elements and the authorities to keep our protest going, because we believe that change is no longer optional but necessary. We are peaceful and non-violent, but in the spirit of the Eureka rebellion, we will not be moved and will continue to fight for the rights of the majority of people.

We want a real democracy, where every voice is heard. Join the conversation, be part of the solution.


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